Twitch Live Announcer (v.1.8.0)

A Spigot plugin that broadcasts a message when a Twitch streamer goes live or offline.



To install this plugin download it from spigot and put it in you plugin folder

Configuration files:

Config walkthrough:

reload_time: 60

This is the time in seconds how often the plugin will check the status of the channels specified in the configuration

client_id: '' client_secret: ''

check_updated: true

If this is set to true, the plugin on startup will check if a new version is available on spigot, and notify that in the console

channels: []

This is the list of all the channels you want the plugin to check Example of working list:

  - 'ElSpreen'
  - 'Forsen'
  - 'Dream'

All these channels will be audited every "reload_time" to obtain information on their status (online, offline, stream type)

For this feature to work you need PlaceholderAPI

linked_users: []

This feature allow you to connect your minecraft player to his twitch channel Example:

  - Dream_twitch_channel

After you link a player to his channel you can use the placeholder %tla_status% for example in tab to show the stream status of the player (Online/Offline - Customizable)

commands: ...

Here you can specify custom commands to execute when a stream status changes

Default values:

  enabled: false
    - 'tellraw @a {"text":"%channel% is now streaming","color":"gray"}'
    - 'tellraw @a {"text":"%channel% is not streaming anymore","color":"gray"}'

In this example when the stream goes live a grey text with written '%channel% is now streaming' will be broadcasted to all players


Filtering stream game: In this section you can check for specific games streamed (this is a setting from the streamer end) Default values:

  enabled: false
    - 'Minecraft'

Filtering stream title: Here you can check for a specified string in the title of the stream, useful if you want for example to set the online status of the live only if the title contains your server name

  enabled: false
    - 'Minecraft server!'
placeholders: ...

These are the values of the placeholder that shows the stream information, they are the same shown by link feature

Default values:

  enabled: true
  live: '&c[Live]'
  offline: '&7[Offline]'

bungee: ...

This feature allows you to send the stream start stop message to all the servers on you bungeecord network (beta feature)

Disable streaming messages

When set to true the corresponding message broadcast will be disabled

disable-streaming-message: false
disable-not-streaming-message: false

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